Horsin' Around With The Mounted Patrol​

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For the first time since 2019 and back by popular demand, join us for the 2022 Urban Trail Ride!




The Star Tribune covers the End of Watch ceremony for Diego and the retirement of Sedona.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine delves into the unit, meeting its four-legged members and learning what the unit is all about. Take a look at our special feature!

The Unit Still Exists

Since 1996, the Minneapolis Police Department has been represented by the horses and riders of the Mounted Patrol Unit. The unit currently has twenty riders, twelve horses, and functions as a citywide unit that is based out of the First Precinct.

The Minneapolis Mounted Police Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded to provide ongoing financial support for the Mounted Patrol Unit for the Minneapolis Police Department.

The Minnesota Reformer acknowledges the battle the Minneapolis Mounted Patrol Unit faces as the last remaining Mounted Unit in Minnesota. The unit remains due to the support of people like you!

Minneapolis Mounted Police

Honoring Horses of the Mounted Police​